Stocktaking Services

Food Stocktaking

Food Stocktaking

One of the many avdantages that Food & Beverage Stocktaking have to offer, is the ability to monitor the ever changing costs of all your food items & produce an up to date report stating the old price charged & the new price being charged.
The Cost Price Changes Report has proved to be an essential part of our reporting to our clients, as they have returned to the suppliers stating that no prior notice was given & that the increase is unacceptable. In nearly all cases, prices are reduced or credit note received.

Monitoring & updating your food cost prices produces accurate reporting.

Sample Cost Price Monitoring Report

Sample Food Cost Price Changes (Download)

Recipe Costing

This is a brand new addition to Food & Beverage Stocktaking
When a major food item (such as chicken) increases in price, its difficult to quickly know what the gross margin of the recipe/product has changed too.
Food & Beverage Stocktaking makes this process an easy task.
In conjunction with cost price monitoring, your margins are always live as our program is linked to all the purchasing aspects.
The reports are produced on the day so decisions can be made quickly. See sample below.

The advantages of Recipe Costing

  • Know what margin you are making on any recipe at any time.
  • Know what products have reduced/increased in price
  • know what your overall margin you should be making
  • know your sales mix for the period.
  • Know how much is lost (when compared to the actual margin achieved).
Sample Recipe Costing Reports
Sample Itemised Menu Recipe Costing (Download)
Sampe Sales Report with Expected Margin (Download)
Sample Trading Account with Variance to GP (Download)

Food Stocktaking

With the decline of sales of alcohol more and more businesses are depending on food as their main source of revenue. Therefore food stocktaking has never been more critical in the running of a successful outlet. Without proper procedures, margins can deteriorate at a fast rate. Food & Beverage Stocktaking are the experts not only in monitoring your stock but also in advising to achieve the best margin possible.

We provide on the day reporting including gross profit reports & valuations. We also provide a summary audit report giving a brief description as to how the department performed and outline any areas of concern.

Sample Food Stocktaking Reports

Sample Food Trading Account (Download)
Sample Food Valuation Certificate (Download)

Premium Stocktaking Service*

We at Food & Beverage Stocktaking are proud to be the first Stocktaking Company in Ireland to provide a food stocktaking service where our reports show exactly what food items are lost.

For more details about our reporting, Food Costing, Restaurant stocktaking or Coffee Shop stocktaking service, fill in the details on our contact page.

Beverage Stocktaking

Beverage Stocktaking

At Food & Beverage Stocktaking, we pride ourselves not only in carrying out a quality stocktaking service but in offering free and continuous advice from a hospitality industry professional (the owner has 16 years of food & beverage management experience) in areas of waste, stock rotation & levels, deliveries & in reducing theft.

With propper procedures put together, the results are reduced waste & improved margins.

All our staff are equipped with bar code scanning equipment along with specially designed scales. To ensure accuracy, we scan and weigh all open bottles of spirits & kegs (1/1000th of a bottle of spirits & 1/100th of a keg). Our electronic weighting equipment takeaway any guess work involved in the stock count.

We provide on the day reporting including gross profit reports & valuations. We also provide a summary audit report giving a brief description as to how the department performed and outline any areas of concern.

Focusing purely on service, we have in just a few years become leaders in the stocktaking industry with many high profile clients.

We specialise in Pub/Bar Stocktaking, Off Licence Stocktaking & Hotel stocktaking.

Prevent your margins reducing with our Cost Price Monitoring

Cost prices of food & beverage products are on the increase. The majority of time, suppliers do not give advance warning, with some not mentioning it at all.

The cost prices of all your bar products can be monitored by Food & Beverage Stocktaking. This is a valuable report in the current climate & when used, can help prevent margins reducing.
An up to date report is produced at the end of the stocktake & contains the following information

  • Old Cost Price
  • New Cost Price
  • Old & New Selling Price
  • Suggested Selling Price in order to maintain the current margin

Sample Cost Price Changes Report (Download)

At Food & Beverage Stocktaking, we allocate a number of hours per client per month, monitoring their cost prices, ensuring accurate reporting at all times.

Some of our clients use different suppliers for the same product. We take the hassle out of the purchasing by recommending the supplier with the best current cost price for a particular product.

Sample Bar Stocktaking Reports

Sample Bar Report (Download)
Sample Purchases Report (Download)
Sample Valuation Certificate (Download)
Sample Variance Report (Download)

Valuation of stock

Valuation of Stock

A valuation of stock can be needed for a variety of reasons from period/ year end, fire or flood damage to a sale of a business.

Some of our clients ask for a valuation of stock only. They then use this information to perform month end / period end accouts. This is part of our commitment to providing an afordable stocktaking service.

We can supply you with a categorised breakdown of all you stock both at cost and retail value to satisfy all accounting requirements.

Each of our divisions have a certificate of valuation attached and are available to download.

Retail Stocktaking

Retail Stocktaking

Our Retail Stocktaking division starts with an initial consultation to discuss your needs and requirements, we establish what you are looking to achieve from a stocktake and the type of audit you require. From these first discussions we are able to use our expertise to plan and design a customised program to meet the desired objectives.

• Full wall to wall counts • On shelf availabilitys • Management reports
• Departmental countss • Core line audits • Supply chain optimisation
• Delivery checks • Perpetual inventories

Accuracy levels are an absolute priority with our Retail Stocktaking division.
We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that we provide the accurate information they require to highlight fast selling lines whilst providing them with a true stock position file of the store. Our expertise cover areas of garage forecourts and convenience stores

For any business, stock control is essential. For the retail industry loss of stock, for what ever reason, could make a huge difference on profits in a short space of time. Stocktaking is often seen as a major task and can take a lot of manpower and time, but keeping control of your stock couldn’t be easier than with Food & Beverage Stocktaking. We will provide you with a professional, accurate stocktaking & auditing service. Allowing you to focus on your core services and free you from undertaking stocktaking and auditing internally.

Download Sample Reports

Department Store Stock Report (Download)
Stock Detail Report (Download)
Sub-Deptartment Stock Report (Download)
Valuation Certificate Report (Download)

Become a Stocktaker

Become a Stocktaker

Independent stocktaking has now become a valuable part of any successful business
Since 2008, Food & Beverage Stocktaking have increased sales year on year & now have clients nationwide, including Limerick, Roscommon, Meath & Dublin.
For those wishing to enter the stocktaking business, we are in a postion to offer our Food & Beverage Stocktaking Software/Hardware,training & full support.

Questions & Answers

So what makes your stocktaking software/hardware different to your competitors?

Our Stocktaking model has been developed to have three main strenghts

  • Accuracy of the stock count with electronic weighing of products
  • Quality of reporting
  • Provide various other reports to assist businesses in their management of stock
Is this a Franchise?
No, you will become an independent stocktaker & do not share your profits as you would with a franchise agreement.
All profits made from being an independent stocktaker are your own.
How long is the Stocktaking Training?
That depends on the ability of the client, but usually the software training is completed within a week
What Support do you offer?
We offer, round the clock phone/email support after your training is completed, along with technical support from the program developers
Purchase cost of your stocktaking software/hardware?
Again, because this is not a franchise agreement, the costs to set up your own Stocktaking business are considerably lower.
Contact for more information
Stocktaking Software updates
We provide yearly software updates based on the feedback & of both you & your clients.

Stocktaking Partners

Stocktaking Partners

With the experience & knowledge of Oli Gleeson within the areas Purchasing, Procurement & Stocktaking, have developed powerful cost saving tolls to help uncover multiple hidden costs within business.

Profitwatch Co. Monaghan is our preferred Stocktaking partner for the North Leinster & Connacht areas.

For More details, visit