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About us: Food & Beverage Stocktaking Services

Food & Beverage Stocktaking Services have gained a reputation providing a quality, beverage stocktaking and food stocktaking service for the hospitality industry along with a retail stocktaking division specially developed for garage forecourts, convenience stores and other retail outlets requiring an accurate stocktaking service. At present we also provide stocktaking assistance to banks and receivers.

Over half of our clients have had in excess of 50 stocktakes performed by us & continue to be with us today.

Food & Beverage Stocktaking are proud to provide the best possible service to ensure that clients receive an accurate on the day stocktaking results. This will ultimately improve your profits, by quickly identifying areas of loss so that decisions can be made swiftly to remove the possibility of this happening again.

We currently provide stocktaking services to our clients in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Tipperary, Offaly, Limerick & Roscommon.

A unique part of our stocktaking service is the ability of monitoring & reporting the cost price changes of all your food & beverage products.  Our clients have found this an essential reporting tool in maintaining their margins.

With Food and Beverage Stocktaking you get an experienced operator and a confident stocktaker who can advise in stock levels and rotation, cellar management and advice on actions required to resolve differences in the stock reports.

The advantages of using Food & Beverage Stocktaking Services

  • Total independence
  • All food & beverage items are scanned and wieghed ensuring an accurate stock count.
  • All open bottles of spirits are weighted to 1/1000th of a bottle & 1/100th of a keg.
  • Free and continuous advice from a hospitality professional with 16 years experience
  • Stocktakes are performed at times to promote minimal disruption (either early morning or after closing)
  • Staff only perform one stocktake per day
  • Detailed product by product reporting as well as a summary report, produced on the day, every day
  • Up to 30 different reports available, from product performance, stock levels versus sales to individual product margins.
  • We offer Bi Monthly stocktakes for premises with lower than average turnover.

The importance of Stocktaking

As well as the usual theft/shrinkage, we put your products under the microscope not only to see what margin you are making, but why you are making that margin.

At Food & Beverage Stocktaking we provide information on –

  • Pricing – are you selling a lot of a products with a low margin, or are there low sales due to the selling price being too high.
  • Purchasing – without a purchasing strategy, you could ordering too much of low selling/low profit items or buying at a price that exceeds the norm for that product. Also, we monitor whom you buy your stock from & suggest purchasing from the best price supplier, as reports are can easily produced & the correct suppliers targeted.
  • Waste – is your monthly recorded waste too high? & if so why?This is an area we monitor closely & are able to produce reports showing exactly what was wasted during the stocktaking period.


How do you do a stocktake?

  • We are equipped with barcode reading scanners & electronic scales to ensure the highest accuracy (1/100th of a bottle of spirits & 1/100th of a keg).
  • Not to disturb the staff setting up for the day, we will arrive as early as possible to perform the counts of the Bar/Kitchen.
  • Once the counts are complete, we then proceed with the paperwork (purchases, sales waste, ect)
  • All stocktakes are completed on the day & usually on the premises.

How often is a stocktake needed?

  • Depends on the issues that arrive after the first stocktake. The norm is fortnightly or monthly. However we do have clients with below average sales & perform their stocktakes bi-monthly.

What do you charge for a stocktake?

  • The cost of a stocktake depends on location, number of products, number of bars, ect.
  • We make every effort to be competitive.

What other services do you provide?

  • As well as a food & beverage stocktaking service, we offer a menu costing service. Sample reports are on the food stocktaking page.
  • We also have a cost price monitoring service. A report is produced at the end of the stocktake, showing all the prices that have changed during the stocktake period. It is available for both the Beverage Stocktake & the Food Stocktake.

 How is your reputation for Stocktaking?

  • We measure our reputation by the number of clients whom choose stay with Food & Beverage Stocktaking.
  • Over half of our clients have in excess of 50 stocktakes performed by us.

What else can you do?

Food & Beverage Stocktaking are committed to providing an affordable stocktaking services