Sample Stocktaking Reports

Sample Stocktaking Reports

Downloadable Sample Food Stocktaking Reports

The Food Tading Report is much the same as a profit & loos account with the addition of allowances, producing an estimated gross profit & the actual margin achieved. Also there is a budget (or expected) GP & the difference displayed as a cash value.

Sample Food & Beverage Stocktaking Food Trading Account (Download)

This Food Valuation Cert contains the summary totals for each dept (Dry Goods, Meat, Veg, ect)

We also have the ability to calculate the closing stock value as a particular point in time ( close of business as of the 31st), regardless when we visit your premises.

Sample Food & Beverage Stocktaking Valuation Cert (Download)

Downloadable Sample Beverage/Bar Stocktaking Reports

The Bar Report contains all the financial elements of the stocktake, including
  • Closing stock value for each department (Draught Beers, Bottle Beers, ect)
  • Total purchases for the period
  • Gross Profit achieved per department
  • Sales ratio as a precentage of total
  • Days Stockholding
  • Estimated Gross Profit
  • Actual Gross Profit
  • Surplus/Deficit @ Retail
  • Summary of Allowances/ Waste for the period
  • Yield
  • Budget Gross Profit

Sample Bar Report (Download)

Purchases delivery notes, including

  • Invoice number
  • Supplier details
  • Itemised discription of the Purchase
  • Value of each transaction

Sample Purchases Report (Download)

The Valuation Report contains

  • The section totals (Draught, Minerals,Spirits, ect)
  • The overall value of stock
  • The adjusted valuation of stock (as of a particular date).

Sample Valuation Certificate (Download)

The Product Variance Report

  • Product by product information
  • Differences +/- in each product, both at retail & the number of units
  • The totals of each section provides valuable information in assessing stock levels versus sales, for example, the total number of bottles of beer purchased compared to what was actually sold.

Sample Product Variance Report (Download)

Gross Profit by Product Report

  • Product by Product Gross Profit Percentage
  • Itemised Closing Stock

Sample Product by Product Gross Profit % (Download)

Sample Retail Stock Reports

Downloadable Sample Retail Stocktaking Reports

Department Store Stock Report (Download)
Stock Detail Report (Download)
Sub-Deptartment Stock Report (Download)
Valuation Certificate Report (Download)