How it works

How our stocktaking program works & what we do

Our Stocktaking Program was specially designed to make the reporting side as easy to read as possible, ensuring the least amount of time used by owners or managers to study the reports.

Using hand held bar code scanners, our software and scales measure with the highest accuracy (1/1000th of a bottle of spirits & 1/100th of a keg) ensuring reliable reporting of the stocktake.

After the closing stock is transferred from our scanners to our laptops, we then proceed to enter purchases, sales & adjustments.

If the sales can be produced in a csv format, this reduces time/cost of the stocktake as the report is directly imported into our stocktaking software.

Stocktaking is fundemental in running a profitable business. Therefore we always allow as much time as is required to discuss the results with the owner or manager including

  • Gross profit of the beverage and/or food.
  • Identify problems or potential problems, for example, stock about to be out of date due to poor rotation.
  • An explanation of what items are unaccounted for.
  • Overall surplus of deficit of the department.
  • Advice on stock levels.
  • A hard copy of the stocktaking reports are presented on the day & is also e-mailed, along with suggestions and advice.

The growth of Food & Beverage Stocktaking has been based on excellent customer service & value for money.