Using Your Customers to Help Protect Your Stock

With the recent supplier price increases, many businesses have decided to round up their prices to even money like €5.00 ect.

Indeed, this will save on the purchasing of small change, but there is one major drawback that many have failed to notice.

Food & Beverage Stocktaking have always recommended never to implement the above practice. Why?

When the price of a pint is €5.00, the customer hands over the note and walks away. This leaves the staff member free to either enter the cash into the till, or every now and again, put it into the tip jar.

Now if the price of the pint was  €5.25, by making the customer wait for the change, you are making a connection between the customer, staff member & the till, reducing the possibility of fraud. The extra pair of eyes on the till is you low cost insurance policy to help reduce fraud.

This policy, along with the issuing of receipts is what we at Food & Beverage Stocktaking recommend to all our clients.