Simple Steps To Increase Beverage Margins

Apart from increasing the selling prices of your products, there are some other simple ways to increase your beverage margin.

  • Use of optics – This will eliminate waste as free pouring tends to costs more.
  • Shop around for the best cost price & keep an eye on 1 free with 5 as you are more than likely paying more to begin with. Always ask for net price so you can compare.
  • Encourage/ train staff to sell high profit products.
  • look for free kegs from your suppliers for various promotions. Also, you should be asking for free stock for placing the products in a highly marketable area. An example of this is Hendricks gin either side of the tv or displays within the bar.
  • Better cellar management will return more pints per keg & reduce waste. Pay careful attention to line cleaning.. are you bleeding the lines beforehand?  Are the kegs being rotated properly?  Do you know the poor selling products?
  • Wine -Sell your bottled wine also by the glass, as its more profitable than to sell by the quarter bottle. Also use a wine pourer to maximise profitability.

Food & Beverage Stocktaking offer continuous advice to all our clients in areas just like the above.